Avocado Jon

My DIY skills are pathetic.  OK I admit.  Caroline will tell you if you care to ask her.  When we lived in Hedgerley, there was this time I clearly remember when we needed a telephone extension from one room to another.  I had the cable, and I had the sockets connections, but when I connected the two rooms, I had massive amounts of cable left over – in the middle, and I scrunched it up into a ball – the shape of a bird’s nest and nailed it to the ceiling.  I wish I had a picture of that to post!

Now some approximately 5 years later, we had a leak in our Avocado coloured 70’s style toilet.  I just noticed it was dripping onto the wooden box that was covering the pipe’s behind the loo.  So I drained it, and found some sealant and the results are what you see below.

Did it work?  No!  Of course not, but I tried.  And that’s the main thing.  So I emailed our plumber Chris Lee.  Chris, can you help with our toilet “cistern”, I tried to text on my old trusty Nokia 6230 phone.  I’m sure that’s how you spell it.  Predictive text came up with Birt!

I was tempted to call it a toilet system, just so I could text it through, and then doubting my own spelling – found a way round it.  I know can you help with our loo?  And sure enough predictive text was at it again and changed the word to Jon.

So Chris, can you help with our Jon?  I like comedy, but I’ve never been a big fan of toilet humour..

24th March Beaconsfield Comedy Acts Finalised

The acts that will be appearing on the 24th March at our charity fund raiser in Beaconsfield have been finalised as:

Matt Price:

Iszi Lawrence:
Check out her site, she is a great artist as well as our compere for the evening.

Omar Hamdi:

Nico Yearwood

Mark Restuccia
BBC New Comedy Awards Finalist 2011
This guy looks funny.

If there’s anything you can do to help us tell people about the evening that would be great.  I hope to see you there.


24th March Comedy Fund Raising Event

Please come to our Comedy Fund Raiser 24th March.

The trip takes place in October 2013 and as well as trekking in the Atlas mountains Alice, Holly and their school friends will be living and working alongside a remote community.  This will give them  a once in a lifetime experience of everyday life in this incredible environment.
They will learn the ways of the Berbers, and pick up the language and customs, whilst working on a renovation project or helping out at the local school.  They could be re-building damaged roads, clearing areas for camping to improve tourism or creating football pitches for the locals.  They need to raise over £1000 each in order to go.

To find out more about the purpose of the trip and organisation please read this Morocco flyer for potential sponsors.

Hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you there if you can.