40 of 365

The rhythm of the ‘copter cutting through the sky
over the horizon as a plane soars by
the busyness of busy-bods setting up for sports
doggies playing friendly games doggies of all sorts

the sound of the clanging gate in the corner of the park
the chirping in the trees, not spoiled by a bark
the excited child’s voice as she throws her dog a ball
surrounded by a peacefulness, enveloped in it all

Sitting on the bench where John Vaughn watched the birds
hanging in the gentle breeze my litany of words


39 of 365

Monday morning each week I travel to Southend.  And I usually stay 2 nights in a Bed and Breakfast courtesy of AirBnB.  This Monday has been no different.  The drive is about 90 minutes – 75 miles on the motorway door to door.

On the way home last week on Wednesday evening I was very tired.  It has become a habit of mine to stop when I’m tired, but because this journey is so short –  I try not to.

Staying away from home for a couple of nights give me time to catch up on paperwork.  Today I have bought some extra paperwork with me.  I am hoping that this will become somewhat of a routine, because I am very bad at doing ‘admin’.

When I was younger I hated a routine.  I didn’t like the mundane habits, I used to get bored of them.  Nowadays I find a sense of comfort in a routine.  I sit in the same place when I get the tube into London.  I sit in the same desk, even when we’re hot-desking, I have the same breakfast and I have the same drinks.  I watch the same TV programs.  I listen to the same songs on the radio and watch movies that I’ve seen before.

Something tells me that I have to try and break through this in order to achieve my full ambition.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with my life and career when this contract is finished at the end of the year.  I’d like to do something bigger and better and change not only my lifestyle but my working practices and direction in life.

At the age I am I feel like I’m running out of road.  I don’t want to stay in this comfort zone, I am looking for ways to break out of it.

Watch this space and thanks for reading.


38 of 365

Denise, Mari and Me.

Today was the day of the 10k run.  Denise and her friend Mari came and picked me up about 8:20.  And we arrived at Adam’s Park just before 9:00 a.m.  We had to sit in traffic for about 20 minutes as we arrived due to the volume of runners trying to get to the ground.

It was a humid day but not as hot as last year.  I had trained whilst on holiday, but haven’t been running regularly lately, so I was not expecting much of a good time.

I was pleased that I managed to run most of the first 8 kilometers.  I walked both of the major hills, I stopped at the water stations and after 8k I had to walk quite a lot of the rest of the route due to just being out of energy.

All in all – it was very enjoyable – especially as Caroline, Alice and Holly came to cheer me over the finish line.

I was expecting to see the greenhouse in the garden when I came home.  Unfortunately the person I had hired to move it – did not think it would just take the morning and couldn’t spend the whole day moving it.  Hopefully he can do it on Thursday.

Thanks for reading and have a good week.



37 of 365

The weekend is here.  It’s been a long time coming after a long week.  Tomorrow I have the Wycombe 10k.  And we are also having a greenhouse put up.  We found one this week and as luck would have it, a card came through the letter box from a handy man who could put it up for us.  So fingers crossed by Sunday afternoon it will be in the garden.

It’s been a long week and I’ve been very tired.  I think it was a culture shock going back to work and the heat hasn’t helped.  Today, I want to have a relaxing day around the house pottering.  There is a lot to do,  but sometimes it’s knowing where to start – and sometimes just starting.

The plans of working on comedy seem to have fallen through.  Erik has gone back to Sweden.  I didn’t get to meet him and recording some stand up seems now like a long shot.  I have been asked to compere at a talent show on the 12th September, so that looks like my next thing on the agenda.

I haven’t got much to write about, because this week’s mostly been work.  So I’m going to stop now.

Thanks for reading.


36 of 365

The Greenhouse

We’ve been wanting a greenhouse for a while and recently we found one.  It’s available – but we have to find someone to dismantle and assemble it for us in order to transport it into our garden and get it set up.  There is a small time window for this as the lady is going on holiday.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.


35 of 365

I heard about a new skill yesterday – that of the data translator.  Essentially from what I could determine the data translator sits in between a data scientist and a business person to interpret the data requirements for that business area and ensuring the data scientist understands those requirements and is able to provide the data in a way that the business person can interpret and make sense from.

The data translator skill-set seems to be one in nascent demand.  I could only see a tiny handful of roles requiring that skill-set, for example, on JobserveAs I mentioned the other day, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time regarding this new wave of demand for skills in the data arena.

As a serial contractor, I’ve always taken it seriously to keep my skills up to date and to add the maximum value in the role I’ve been in at the time.  I am very much looking forward to understanding more about how I can embrace these changes in the industry.

Thanks for reading, bear with me whilst I focus on my work for a while and I’m sure I’ll get back to more personal topics in due course.


34 of 365

I’m starting to get back in the swing of things work-wise.  Time off when mum passed away and a couple of holidays later, I’m now back to work in the 2nd half of the year – with a contract that runs up until Christmas.

The thing front and foremost on  my mind has been the changes that are being introduced to IR35 that I wrote about on Sunday.

Since then I have read a couple of more articles that suggest big companies are still debating as to how to implement the changes.  One article stated that HSBC has initially used a broad-bush approach but now appear to be using the legislation to rationalise the contractor work-force by engaging them through a larger professional services company.

I see this change in legislation as an opportunity as much as a risk and will be discussing with an ex-colleague this evening to share ideas and options.

Thanks for Reading



33 of 365

I spent my journey into work today listening to Radio 4.  The coverage appeared to be mainly on several breaking issues of the day; the leaked communications of Sir Kim Darroch criticising the Trump Administration, the job losses planned at Deutsche Bank as a result of a restructuring and the £180 Million fine that British Airways are facing from the Information Commissioner’s Office for the leak of data from their website.  There was also of course coverage of Brexit and the selection by the conservative party of a new leader and de facto prime minister.  And coverage of the elections in Greece which has resulted in a new prime minister.

The two news articles of most interest to me were the ones about Deutsche Bank and the fine for British Airway’s data breach.

The Deutsche Bank interest is not least because my last contract before my current one was at Deutsche Bank.  But also, the news article revealed that about 8,000 people are employed by Deutsche Bank in London and about 20,000 people are expected to lose their jobs worldwide with the majority likely to be in either London or New York because those are where the investment banking jobs are.  Deutsche Bank was going to refocus back onto its core client business.  Conversations are ongoing about job losses, which will take place between now and 2022.

This news is another piece of evidence about how the city of London is changing in nature.  This will come as a heavy blow to some of the employees.

A striking thing about the British Airways story is that up to now the maximum fine levied by the Information Commissioner’s Office has been £500,000 and levied on FaceBook.  This fine is not only 396 times the previous record it is also 1.5% of BA’s annual global income (the maximum possible under GDPR is 4% of turnover). 

I suspect the British Airways example will be quoted where I work now to highlight the importance of good data protection and governance.

I’m of no doubt that my current role in data governance/data management is fortuitous for me.  This area is of growing importance and significance for many reasons.  Not just because of the amount of regulation that companies are getting to grips with but also because of the financial impact and benefit that companies can utilise if they manage their data well.

Thanks for reading


32 of 365

It is Sunday and it is also the latest in the day that I’ve ever posted a blog. Usually I post first thing in the morning but after having returned from Gatwick very late and lain in for the day it’s just slipped my mind.

Tomorrow I will be back at work.  And my mind will be thinking of data governance and data management again.  Even when I’m on holiday I still think of work from time to time, I check out data privacy policies and read the odd article but I often wonder if the work I am doing is making a real difference – a real contribution.

It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal in my role. I feel like a very small cog in a very big wheel.  Also I wonder if I have the right mandate and remit to make a big difference.

The contracting world is changing again.  New rules around IR35 are being introduced next year, these rules will extend the IR35 decision on who’s caught within the legislation to the private sector – companies hiring will have to make the decision.  Despite opposition to the legislative changes – they seem to be rolling on.

In essence, I have a short time window to look into this and decide my reaction to it.  It seems like a good thing also to reflect on the direction of my own work.  I feel refreshed and have had 3 weeks off out of the last 5 – so I should be well placed to look at strategic decisions.

I have already come up with a few options – but I don’t think weighing these up will be very easy.

Thanks for reading and watch this space.


31 of 365

We are at the airport after a fabulous holiday.  It was very relaxing and the weather and food was really great.

I feel like a proper blogger now, blogging at the airport – whatever next!

The plane though is delayed, we were scheduled to be leaving Tenerife around 8:45 p.m. but the app on my phone is saying that the flight will now be delayed until 9:57 p.m.  This delay would not have been too bad but we were already scheduled to land at gatwick airport at 12:50 a.m. so this delay means that we may not land until nearly 2:00 a.m. ouch!

It is what it is.

I am not sad to be leaving Tenerife.  There is too much at home to look forward to getting back to.

I have spent most of the day waiting around the hotel playing chess.  Here’s the last game that I played.