44 of 365

Recently I was let go from my role.  It came as a bit of a shock.  It was not a permanent role, it was a contract – and being told you’re no longer required because of budget cuts does come with the territory.  Nonetheless, it’s taken a bit of adjusting to.

For a long time I’ve felt that people like me – people who are middling – and who are working – tend to be cash-rich but time-poor.  Those not working are usually time-rich but cash-poor.  Of course there are the cash-rich and time-rich and the time-poor and cash-poor as well but I don’t seem to personally know anyone in those categories.

And the biggest impact on me has no doubt been cash flow.  I’ve always had enough to keep me busy.  I’ve kept a long list of things I wanted to do for many years.  It’s my own personal backlog.  Now I can get on with them.

I have a number of mini-projects, which I’m sure I’ll blog about as time goes on.  And of course, I’m busy trying to find a full time role to get stuck into.  And that takes up time as well.

I’m hoping to use the extra time to post more on this site and to do the things that matter.

If you’re reading this post and you’re one of the people that are cash-rich and time-poor – I’ve got a little tip for you…

On 1st October 2017, I opened an account with Ratesetter.  I invested £100.00 and to date (9th October 2020) I’ve made £12.86 in compounded interest.  Which I think is quite an impressive interest rate for savings – although I have locked it away for the maximum term.  Ratesetter is a peer to peer lending service.  It basically means that savers put their money in and this is then lent out to borrowers.  If you are interested in opening an account and trying it out, even with a small starting amount, Ratesetter will give us both a £20 bonus if you use this link.  You must think about whether this type of investment is right for you.

I also started selling a few bits of furniture on Facebook Marketplace.  I’ve found that if you price things at a reasonable amount, things disappear from your house quite quickly.

I also found time to renew one of the domains I had with freeparking.  I had to pay using paypal, and found that they will generate the HTML for you to add a ‘donate’ button onto any website.  So I’ve used that to add the donate button into the right hand margin of this blog.

Now I know that no-one is likely to donate.  And I know that very few people are likely to click on the link above to Ratesetter.  But it only took me about half an hour to write this post – including the Ratesetter link and it only took me about half an hour to add the donate link to the website, so who knows, overtime – either of these initiatives might make me some ‘passive income’.

So at the moment, I’m not working – not in a full time role, but I do feel like I’m hustling.  I hope to keep hustling until I’m back in the more secure land of a full-time role.

I hope you enjoyed this post – and as always – thanks for reading.