Google doesn’t understand me anymore


One of the benefits I’ve found of writing more frequently is that I get to keep my thoughts.  “What I write I get to keep” I thought.

By that I do of course mean that I get to record them. But I also meant that there’s a real value to keeping the words themselves – not just the writing process.  I’ve found this useful for a long time now in a work setting and personally and I wondered if other people felt the same as me.

I googled the phrase “what I write I get to keep”, and I believe the association of the two words “keep” and “write” led the semantic engine within google to deliver articles about keeping a journal – and the hidden benefits.  Such as this one.  All interesting stuff.

It’s not really what I meant though with my sentiment.  I’m really meaning my thoughts are valuable and precious and I wanted to read articles about other people who had things to share on the subject.

So I tried some other searches:

  • “thoughts are valuable”
  • “thoughts are assets”
  • “keeping your thoughts”

But none of these really seem to find what I’m wanting to read about.  Although I did along the way manage to find a lot of information about different – sometimes quite unrelated topics just by the phraseology of my google searches.  I’ve started to unearth, for example, a whole world of theory about why writing regularly is beneficial.

I listened to an article about Google and Microsoft translation services the other day on Radio 4.  It explained that these services now have statistical reasoning built into their logic so that phrases like “heading towards the blue” would be translated to something not quite what the author meant – because blue was usually not a destination and heuristics would use that “knowledge” to avoid literal translations.

In the old days, you had to kind of treat Google search like a tool – well kind of like a machine.  But these days I find it isn’t always giving me the things I want – and this article is an example of that.  It’s frustrating to a degree.

This little excerpt “Google has all grown up“, highlights that Google isn’t giving always the best response, but the most popular – or a kind of reversion to the mean.  Perhaps it’s time to try something new.  Bing I hear you say.    Well that’s a story for another day!

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