1 of 365

this is what i wanted to say but it still was isnt finshed

grandma mary your smile like sunshine
you have the patience sant
i know this as she tryed teach me how to knit

all ways wants to make people feel welcome
her heart pure as gold
as she would never complain grumble
even thought most would do

she was full of beans
allways see her on the buggle
thought town all way up for a chat
over a tea back a the house
even if couldnt get it words qite wright

calling the dog a cup of poo
as a pose to cockerpoo

she watching tv quiz shows
and i would do her nails

i do her nails she
then had something sweet
as a treat

she had a. pure soul
hart of gold

world be a nicer place
if there was more like her

but now she is with Derek
with him doing the garden
her with kniting


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