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22nd June 2019

An open letter to the Hope Church Beaconsfield:

Dear Tom and all of the congregation,

Thank you all so much for the support, love, care and attention that you have showed all of our family, but especially Mum, during the past years.  And thank you so much for all of the support, generosity and kindness that you have all extended to our wider family during the period before and after her passing.

As you know, Mum was disabled following a hip-replacement operation in 1999 that left her with a girdlestone hip.  And for 20 years, lived with that condition.  Dad passed away in 2006 and so Mum lived the next 13 years largely on her own until a few years ago when she had a 24/7 live-in carer.  She received a diagnosis of dementia some years ago.  And she battled with these, and other health conditions, until her death last month.

There was so much love and kindness shown to Mum, Dad and the family from her friends at the church during those 20 years.  From ladies bringing soup, lifts to and from church and house group meetings and people popping in.  But there are far too many to acknowledge in a single letter.

And more recently of course, the church held the funeral service – and took care of all the finer details;

  • the flowers (hand-picked) and wreaths (hand-made)
  • the wake (home-made scones, in a most wonderful afternoon tea) and
  • the broader wishes of the family (including the musical tributes)

during this incredibly difficult time.

We wanted to say a big thank you for everything over the 50 years or more that Mum was a member of the church.

With much love,

Graham, Denise and Steven (and our respective families).

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