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Something in an email yesterday caught my eye.  It labelled 3 elements of wellbeing; mental health, physical health and financial health.  It was particularly timely and interesting from my perspective because yesterday I was blogging about my weight (an element of physical health) and finances.

These 3 elements are intrinsically linked.  And here’s a few bullet points of what these things mean to me.

Mental Health

  • Belonging and connecting with those around you, maintaining good relationships
  • Being self-aware of both emotions and mental state
  • Having a mixture of time with others and time alone
  • Being relaxed whilst having a degree of good stress for motivation
  • Not overworking
  • Recognising when things are off-kilter and taking positive action to resolve

Physical Health

  • Eating well, good nutrition, not over-eating
  • Regular exercise (walking, yoga, running, swimming)
  • Getting enough sleep

Financial Health

  • Having enough savings for an emergency
  • Living within one’s means.
  • Having a good understanding of one’s financial position.
  • Having a long term financial plan
  • Being in control of finances (payments in and out)

I am sure there are a lot more comprehensive blog posts on these subjects than this one.  But having a simple model is often useful.  And thinking about wellness as consisting initially of these three components is useful to me.

As far as the relationship between them goes;

  • Physical health aids mental health
  • If your in a good frame of mind you’re more likely to exercise
  • If you’re finances are in good shape, this is one less mental stress
  • If you’re finances are ok, and are more financially self-sufficient you’ll have more time to exercise

I wish good mental, physical and financial health for me, my family and anyone reading this post.

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