25 of 365

In my post yesterday about wellness I wrote about being relaxed as one of the components of mental wellbeing.  It’s only 15 days since the end of our last holiday and already we’re on holiday again.  The trip to Cornwall was short and only for 6 days, and we are now staying in a beautiful hotel in Tenerife. This holiday is also only about a week long.

I am hoping to use this time again to re-charge my batteries.  I was thinking about this phrase recently and how appropriate it is to the present time.  With a high percentage of the UK population from ages 16 to 54 having smartphones, I would expect recharging the phones is something quite high up on people’s agenda on a daily basis.

But do we take the same care with ourselves?  We are not machines and can’t be expected to go on and on.

Charging a phone is cheap.  It costs according to the article, around £1.00 a year.  Holidays are not so cheap.  And whilst I am not bemoaning the cost, it would be nice to find a more cost-effective way to recharge the old batteries regularly.

A friend of mine has a caravan that he uses and another has a camper van.  I am going to make sure I have a couple of conversations with these wise people and find something that helps move me in the right direction.  Regular relaxation without the high price-tag is what I’m looking for, but first it’s time for breakfast!

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