26 of 365

In 13 days time, if all goes to plan, I will be taking part in the The Hell-Fire Half and 10k.  I’ll actually be completing the 10k, not the half marathon.  I’ll be running this with Denise and her friend.

I haven’t done much running recently, as I decided to take some time off from that.  I had noticed a pain in my hip and wanted to give my body a rest from the stress of running.  In addition, there has been far too much going on recently to fit in the exercise.

After my recent posts though, physical fitness is something I want to focus on, and so on holiday I am going to spend some time in the gym.  This started yesterday with a quick half hour session.  The hotel promotes a number of activities for sport and fitness.

I have a training plan for this 10k in my head, and it’s first and foremost about being able to run the distance.

Yesterday, as well as 1/2 hour in the gym, I watched a documentary about Rich Froning and CrossFit.  I’d seen the documentary before and wanted to watch it again – because I’d been thinking specifically about setting goals.

After the documentary, I decided on the following goals.

Monday:  Run 2 km
Tuesday:  Run 4 km
Wednesday:  Run 6 km
Thursday:  Run 8 km
Friday:  Run 10 km.

I’ll probably just add these to my backlog list and tick them off as I go through this week.

The difficulty this week I suspect is not going to be getting down the gym and completing them, it’s probably going to be eating in moderation – because the hotel is all-inclusive and the catering is just amazing.

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