29 of 365

The holiday is coming to an end.

It’s Thursday and we fly home on Saturday evening.  The flight is scheduled to be leaving Tenerife between 8 and 9 p.m. on Saturday 6th July and then we will be home in the early hours of Sunday.  Then as they say it will be back to reality.

Until then, there is still time to enjoy the remaining free time.  I still have my 8k and 10k legs of my training to do, I have completed the easier 2k, 4k and 6k training runs on the treadmill.  After completing this post, I will be heading straight to the gym to do the 8k run and then tomorrow after my 10k run I have scheduled a massage in the afternoon, which will act as a nice reward.

There is still plenty of time to read by the pool, I have started reading a book that Natalie brought with her Human Instinct by Robert Winston.  It’s an interesting read, looking across history in a pseudo-scientific way to determine the beginnings of certain parts of human nature.  And trying to separate learnt behaviour from the inherited, not always easy to do.

And one of the things we have noticed as a family on this trip is that we communicate well at meal times.  It’s nice that no one wants to go on their phones and that we have a lot to say to each other.  With 3 grown up daughters it’s a fantastic thing that, in the main, we all get along and the conversation never seems to run dry.

I am not a great sun lover, and have to be careful when I’m out in the sun not to get burnt.  Caroline, Natalie, Alice and Holly are all by the pool on sunbeds now but I’m quite happy to be indoors writing.  When I’m in the gym, they’ll probably be at the local market – which opens on a Sunday and Thursday and I’m sure we’ll then reconvene for lunch.

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