30 of 365

I feel very spoilt today as the plan for the day is breakfast, blogging, gym, shower, lunch, sauna, massage, sauna, dinner, entertainment (watch an acrobatic display).  I might even get to watch some more of the tennis at Wimbledon – if I can squeeze it in.

It always seems to take a while to know where to start writing now.  It wasn’t like this when I started.  It’s bothering me a little bit to wonder exactly what has changed since I started.  Is it purely and simply that there was a lot more going on in my life at that time and the words poured out of me?   Or maybe I’ve created an artificial environment that is inhibiting the process?

As far as the daily blogging process goes I have two fundamental rules:

  1. Time-boxing:  I started to time-box my posts to a maximum of 30 minutes, I did this early on because I had spent around an hour and a half on a single post.  I knew this wasn’t sustainable and also not very balanced across the other things I wanted and needed to do.  But the limit of 30 minutes also introduces a somewhat artificial amount of pressure – in order to meet the deadline and sometimes this time-pressure can stifle creativity.
  2. Spontaneity:  I never plan what I am going to write, it’s one of the joys to me of writing, I sit down and write what I want to write at that moment – the surprise element.  The teacher in me wants to teach, the creative in me wants to create and the observer in me wants to capture what I have observed.  These players and I suspect others battle for ideas and I try and balance these ideas against what I think my audience might like to hear about.  Sometimes there is not much of a battle because with the time pressure I feel like I have to go with the first thing I come up with.

Maybe I need to re-think these artificial rules that I have introduced to my writing process?  I would be very interested to hear what you think.

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