32 of 365

It is Sunday and it is also the latest in the day that I’ve ever posted a blog. Usually I post first thing in the morning but after having returned from Gatwick very late and lain in for the day it’s just slipped my mind.

Tomorrow I will be back at work.  And my mind will be thinking of data governance and data management again.  Even when I’m on holiday I still think of work from time to time, I check out data privacy policies and read the odd article but I often wonder if the work I am doing is making a real difference – a real contribution.

It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal in my role. I feel like a very small cog in a very big wheel.  Also I wonder if I have the right mandate and remit to make a big difference.

The contracting world is changing again.  New rules around IR35 are being introduced next year, these rules will extend the IR35 decision on who’s caught within the legislation to the private sector – companies hiring will have to make the decision.  Despite opposition to the legislative changes – they seem to be rolling on.

In essence, I have a short time window to look into this and decide my reaction to it.  It seems like a good thing also to reflect on the direction of my own work.  I feel refreshed and have had 3 weeks off out of the last 5 – so I should be well placed to look at strategic decisions.

I have already come up with a few options – but I don’t think weighing these up will be very easy.

Thanks for reading and watch this space.


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