37 of 365

The weekend is here.  It’s been a long time coming after a long week.  Tomorrow I have the Wycombe 10k.  And we are also having a greenhouse put up.  We found one this week and as luck would have it, a card came through the letter box from a handy man who could put it up for us.  So fingers crossed by Sunday afternoon it will be in the garden.

It’s been a long week and I’ve been very tired.  I think it was a culture shock going back to work and the heat hasn’t helped.  Today, I want to have a relaxing day around the house pottering.  There is a lot to do,  but sometimes it’s knowing where to start – and sometimes just starting.

The plans of working on comedy seem to have fallen through.  Erik has gone back to Sweden.  I didn’t get to meet him and recording some stand up seems now like a long shot.  I have been asked to compere at a talent show on the 12th September, so that looks like my next thing on the agenda.

I haven’t got much to write about, because this week’s mostly been work.  So I’m going to stop now.

Thanks for reading.


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