38 of 365

Denise, Mari and Me.

Today was the day of the 10k run.  Denise and her friend Mari came and picked me up about 8:20.  And we arrived at Adam’s Park just before 9:00 a.m.  We had to sit in traffic for about 20 minutes as we arrived due to the volume of runners trying to get to the ground.

It was a humid day but not as hot as last year.  I had trained whilst on holiday, but haven’t been running regularly lately, so I was not expecting much of a good time.

I was pleased that I managed to run most of the first 8 kilometers.  I walked both of the major hills, I stopped at the water stations and after 8k I had to walk quite a lot of the rest of the route due to just being out of energy.

All in all – it was very enjoyable – especially as Caroline, Alice and Holly came to cheer me over the finish line.

I was expecting to see the greenhouse in the garden when I came home.  Unfortunately the person I had hired to move it – did not think it would just take the morning and couldn’t spend the whole day moving it.  Hopefully he can do it on Thursday.

Thanks for reading and have a good week.



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