39 of 365

Monday morning each week I travel to Southend.  And I usually stay 2 nights in a Bed and Breakfast courtesy of AirBnB.  This Monday has been no different.  The drive is about 90 minutes – 75 miles on the motorway door to door.

On the way home last week on Wednesday evening I was very tired.  It has become a habit of mine to stop when I’m tired, but because this journey is so short –  I try not to.

Staying away from home for a couple of nights give me time to catch up on paperwork.  Today I have bought some extra paperwork with me.  I am hoping that this will become somewhat of a routine, because I am very bad at doing ‘admin’.

When I was younger I hated a routine.  I didn’t like the mundane habits, I used to get bored of them.  Nowadays I find a sense of comfort in a routine.  I sit in the same place when I get the tube into London.  I sit in the same desk, even when we’re hot-desking, I have the same breakfast and I have the same drinks.  I watch the same TV programs.  I listen to the same songs on the radio and watch movies that I’ve seen before.

Something tells me that I have to try and break through this in order to achieve my full ambition.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with my life and career when this contract is finished at the end of the year.  I’d like to do something bigger and better and change not only my lifestyle but my working practices and direction in life.

At the age I am I feel like I’m running out of road.  I don’t want to stay in this comfort zone, I am looking for ways to break out of it.

Watch this space and thanks for reading.


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