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Did you see the apprentice final live last night?  Carina Lepore won.  She wins a £250,000 investment into her business from Lord Alan Sugar.  Over the whole process she has always come across to me as perhaps the most down-to-earth and authentic business person.  And I was very glad that she won.

The runner-up Scarlett Allen-Horton was quite a formidable opponent.  Clearly more confident in the pitch – at least from the edits that we saw in the episode.

Carina pitched her artisan bakery in South London and her plans to expand it into a national chain.  Scarlett’s business idea was a recruitment company aimed at female engineers and manufacturers.

The apprentice is an entertaining  TV program.  I am influenced a lot by the personalities of those involved.  Warming to some like Thomas Skinner and feeling much less endeared by other like Lottie Lion.

During the show last night the final two candidates had to pick their teams.  Carina picked Pamela Laird first and Thomas as her next team-mate, whilst Lottie was picked last.

If you had to pick your team now – from your work colleagues, classmates, or friends and family – who would you choose and why?

Make a list, it might surprise you!

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